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millionaires dream ark sz

im a quiet guy, lead a quiet life
got a quiet way and a quiet wife
i dont say too much, if theres nothing to say
i just watch the silence blow my day away

put the tv on, but theres nothing to see
just people talking endlessly
about things to buy, more shows to see
might mean something to someone, means nothing to me
and when i go to bed, i sing to her
then i go to sleep, and dream of dreaming
walk down the street, wish id stayed in
shoulda taken the car out for a spin
people ask for money, say im sorry for you
im in debt for life, i should be begging too
had a dream that i was dreaming
woke up with a start
a millionaire with a broken heart
not me
so i dont want nothing, and i dont need much
cos im a millionaire with a midas touch
the bank, god and tomorrow lay seige my home
and i wish theyd just leave us alone
and when i go to bed....


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