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long dead gone ark sz

its so easly to forgo, so hard to forget
so hard for to realise that im not dead yet
when everything that we wanted is beyond beyond
and all that i hoped for is long dead gone

so how can i sleep in this memory bed
where i feel like a grave with a tomb for a bedhead
with your name and my name carved deep in the stone
now faded away cos were long dead gone
were long dead gone, long dead gone
now faded away because were long dead gone
and love lies bewildered, checking its pulse
to see if it compares to anything else
and two things still beating, but never as one
and one thing lies choking cos its long dead gone
so here rests in pieces
whatever it was that we could admit to
whatever it was that was me and you
so why wont i just let it die and get rid
of the truth that we both wouldve rather kept hid
better to live a lie than pretend that youre not
and to live out a love that is long dead gone
its long dead gone, long dead gone
dont live out a love which is long dead gone
never live out a love that is long dead gone
dont live out a love which is long dead gone


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