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infinite combinations ark sz

there was you and me and then there was him
which leaves me out on a limb
out in the cold where the wild things grow
where no one talks because no one knows
that there are 26 letters, just five vowels
and you can use them all, its allowed
if youve got the patience
because there are infinite combinations
there are cars on fire and burst balloons
which one of us must mend soon
but its a dark old path through the dead of night
and only one way to get there right
because there are 20 million roads
and 20 million coming home
you can find the longest way, its not unknown
if youve got the patience
cos there are infinite combinations
your heart is safe, i dont have a key
your heart is a safe thats locked to me
but when the lights go out, ill place my bets
because were not finished yet
there are endless numbers and finite moves
but you can try them all, its been proved
if you have the patience
because there are infinite combinations


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