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hitlers tears ark sz

one mans tears stain the pillow
where he used to lay his head
shes left him for another man
so how come theyre both sleeping in his bed?
he can hardly sleep for misery
you can hear him catch his breath
and he grinds his teeth into the night
and god says "hey, adolf, are you alright?"

one boys tears stain the paper
where he writes his christmas list
and he inks in broken german
"i wanna be a fine artist"
then he wipes out half a continent
with one flick of his wrist
hes so lonely, so misunderstanding
as he pulls his blanket across the landing
you can hear them falling every day (hitlers tears)
just open up the newspaper (hitlers tears)
you can hide, theres no escape from hitlers tears--
just what makes the fhrer blue?
hes crying for you
one mans tears--he was a fascist
before it was cool
cos now its so expected
just accept it that power is cruel
so hell apply for reinstatement
by new reincarnation rules
cos hes the only man, most certainly
who could claim to have lerned from history
hitler cries himself to sleep, alone in brazil, no-one calls
how must it feel to be the biggest loser of them all?
one mans tears--saltwater salutes the final trip
a thousand naughty nazis
a fralein with a bullwhip
a lullaby of über alles
a shaking upper lip
its all become a whitehall farce
thats how we tear our fears apart
but you shouldnt take it straight to heart
so the rest of us can get some sleep tonight
you can hear them falling everyday...


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