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election night another version ark sz

i met you on election night
as we cried over our beer
nothing you could do would cheer me up
we broke up later that year
how come you and i arent winners?
why werent we born the other side?
and its raining
and its raining
on election night

you fight, you fight but nothing changes
and when it does the paybacks worse
we arrived here in the limo
were going back home in a hearse
you know were leaving none the wiser
i guess that were just not that bright
so ill see you
ill see you
next election night

these balloons look so deflated
as they slowly float on down
its been 4 years weve been waiting
for those balloons to hit the ground
it looks like you backed a real loser
who thinks that life is black and white
and its raining
yes its raining
on election night


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