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eating each others babies ark sz

she flares up, they start to fight
a chemical reaction late into the night
once theyre out of love, now theyre outta sight
thats alright
when silence reigns, its strange weather
why do you have to leave me for a man
who couldnt tie his shoe-laces together?
hes had the last laugh but the jokes on him
he couldve had a final bang but drags on with a whimper
when dogs bark
and when cats meow
two humans are the animals they knew they could be now
sniffing round each others dirt
fighting til it starts to hurt
and eating each others babies

paperbacks get thrown, the story unfolds
two lost sheep who couldnt find the fold
they got no common sense, couldnt catch the common cold
ive been told
she fights tooth and claw, he starts to abuse her
you show me someone who takes losing well
and ill show you a loser
hes a very small man wearing very big clothes
theres no room for expansion but theres plenty of room for growth
when dogs bark
and when cats meow
two humans fighting middleweight, instead of middlebrow
picking on those little things
tearing off each others wings
and eating each others babies

were stuck here in this cage
playing out this prison game
committing all these war crimes
time after time after time after time after time

something clicks, time to get soft
shes getting on, hes getting off
on the way she splutters with her little cough
thats enough
theyre so adept, he used to spoil her
sometimes we get so see through
think im living out some potboiler
remember me forever in your gallery
when all your past is catalogued and filed alphabetically
when dogs bark
and when cats meow
we dont have to say anything final now
lets kiss and make up
put off the break up
lets eat each others babies
lets eat each others babies
lets eat each others babies


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