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dark dark heart ark sz

in an office two miles underground
they cant tell night from day
secretaries typing errors of judgement
in eternally full in-trays
phones ring in, get put on hold
well im just waiting for my nails to dry
i was coming unstuck with nothing to show
you stuck to him like felt on velcro
but now hes gone solo
hes taken all the amps, smashed the bedside lamp
taken all the lightbulbs and the decorative wheelclamps
you got a dark dark dark heart
its the heart of darkness

now you live in a filing cabinet
youre another painful smiling face
what you had doesnt even have the grace
to be forgotten without a trace
it lies, it cheats, it moans, it bleats
almost human in every detail
in this stinking room, no-one goes to bed
theres nothing to say that hasnt been said
its not enough to wish you were dead
you had the last laugh but he didnt know why
he jumped out the window, man, he thought he could fly
you got a dark dark dark heart
its the heart of darkness

look at your body well youre lying still
theres a smile across your face
at the funeral yesterday
your corpse looked out of place
you looked like death to the gathered throng
but i knew you were laughing inside
something about your sense of humour
based on innuendo and rumour
you were the ultimate consumer
i took all your things, i threw away your wedding rings
you had a big collection, baby, now they dont look so
you got a dark dark dark heart
its the heart of darkness

its 4 am inside my mind
but its dusk out on the street
the lamps are burning fireflies
who couldnt stand the heat
i got cool bed linen, baby
so the story should be complete
but somewhere in the back of behind
theres a light that makes me feel unkind
those stupid things i made you sign
it aint deus ex machina
its not some soul subpoena
its just when things mean nothing it makes you meaner
you got a dark dark dark heart
its the heart of darkness


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