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cathys new clown ark sz

sometimes when you get mystic
i have to leave the room
another accident statistic
while the big bass drum goes boom
theres an apocalypse now on station road
if theres a nuclear winter, at least itll snow
your talk turns all of me upside down
you turned up my ticket at the lost and found
and all i got was the current crown worn by
cathys new clown

our enemies are at the border
we couldnt go back too soon
be a nice girl and dont take orders
thats what theyre saying in the back room
you got a big black box that i cant get a look in
and i wanna look at you but i dont get a look in
im like a talking head with the sound turned down
or pavlovs dog when he wasnt around
im just a little bit lost so im heading downtown to be
cathys new clown

one upon a time
i didnt know you
thats the way the story goes
but how i wish, how i wish youd let me show you
that i love the lines but hate the clothes
thats the way it goes

turn the speakers up to ten now
listen to what he has to say
watch out theres a body talking body-talk
a big mouth just gets in the way, hey
when im with you, theres something to it
you know the old lie and you can see through it
but now im alone and im homeward bound
cover my tracks up and cover new ground
put down the purse cos im buying this round
im putting pepper down for the pack of bloodhounds
and all i need is a single sound, ill be
cathys new clown
here he comes.....


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