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careers service ark sz

it is a 24 hour operation with a skeleton staff
the profits almost double when they cut the work force in half
the boss votes the way the money goes, and the flags fly at half-mast
he believes in the lie that is free enterprise and it just makes me laugh
and it makes me nervous
careers service
it makes me nervous

you cant walk down the street now the corner-shops been closed
who needs nostalgia when it belts you in the nose
big men put me out of business, made me sell budget garden hose
left you drunk on overpriced scotch, wearing a plastic rose
and it makes me nervous
careers service
it makes me nervous
the boys in the queue
the girls in the queue
the men and the women all shouting at you
whatever happened to careerÌs information
whatever happened to the pride of this nation
no-oneÌs giving us good vibrations
youve got your best suit on for the interview
meeting people you shouldnÌt have to meet, doing things you dont want to do
behind the desk, its all sex on a casting couch, surely will bite you
you dont even get the understudy amidst all this hullabaloo
and it makes me nervous
careers service
well its so worthless
careers service
well its so worthless


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