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bastard son ark sz

bob dylan is my father, joan baez is my mother
and im their bastard son
though my roots show through im just 22
i dont belong to anyone
when the band was disbanded, i was disowned
i got a number you can ring me on but i aint got no phone
got a forwarding address, baby i aint got no home
i got no direction home
thats the style of a bastard child
this is the song of a bastard son

uncle lenny used to make me laugh
took away my nightmares, tore my daydreams in half
showed them to me reflected upside-down
in the mirror that suzanne vega found
lennys still doing his tricks today
only goes to show that growing up might pay

bruce and james were family friends
took my mind to carolina through the new jersey bends
gave me a harmonica when i was three
nailed a banjo to my knees
now bruce is a foreman and james is a slave
bruce gave in and james just gave up

my family didnt grow up too well with technology
and i think this is why they disowned me
but now i wanna get back into the fold
i dont wanna be a black sheep, i dont wanna grow old
heres to warren, neil, t-bone, andy, lou, townes, elliott
tom, steve, elizabeth, elvia, dave
youre singing something good and its gotta be saved
i think so!

ive only just started playing guitar and already they say
im a has-been
say my songs are too long, words are too strong, shoes
arent clean
see the synthesizers broken, the 12 inch does not exist
its gonna take a blessed life to get on to the hitlist
im gonna need a blessed life to get on to the hitlist
but im singing for the men, for the women and the kids
who grew up like me with seven basic instincts hid

bob dylan is my father, joan baez is my mother
and im their bastard son.


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