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an audience with you ark sz

your footman barred me from the door
said i couldnt see you no more
whats with this bureaucracy
when i filled the forms you left for me
hes a loyal man who waits for you
where loyalty is such taboo
sixteen keyholes in one straight line
i look through them from time to time
the weather down your end looks fine
but the forecasts grim down mine
im no gamble better understand
i like to know the story plan
people say i got no sense
but im waiting for an audience with you

and all the wrestlers youve employed
and all the boys with whom you toyed
you tell me please dont get annoyed
youre behaving like some helen of troy
i dont care for original sin
its a stupid world were living in
your paid assassin makes me wait
he eats with fingers off his plate
he says youve got a pressing date
with r.i.ps and heads of state
i know that he wont let me in
cos villains always have bad skin
people say i got no sense
but im waiting for an audience with you

a plastic surgeons your best friend
hes got the means to any end
hes so efficient, youre so vain
so we wont see your face again
heaven knows how hard you tried
hell was such a bumpy ride
the widow with the holy eyes
got a pistol strapped into her thighs
says youre as sweet as apple pie
you only get so bitchy cos youre shy
but thats a load of papal bull
i put you on that pedestal
people say i got no sense
but im waiting for an audience with you

give me the strength of hercules
his fallen arches, water knees
and please please let me be like i oughtta be
lost and lonely, hurt and happy
with a singers vanity

now everything seems like a myth
the strength that i have performed with
two thousand stairs and theres no lift
gonna get to the top and theres no if
whats for me when i get there
is it just wheelchairs and grey hair
and never was one letter sent
i told the truth but told it bent
thats the custom thats the law
but dont ask me the reason for
im just a boy in love with you
im rejected by the things you do
people say i got no sense
but im waiting for an audience with you


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