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after the fact ark sz

there is a room that you just now walked out of
it has everything in it but you
theres a mirror that knew what you looked like
and a door that has ruined the view
theres a carpet depressed by your footsteps
a hallway which echoes their sound
theres an arrow that points to the exit
and a lift that goes no further down, no further down

theres a stage play that shows every evening
with no prompter, no plot and no lines
the actors dont know what theyre doing
they improvise all of their lives
and the actions all happening offstage
where the props meet the actual things
someone saw you with a gun in your hand
i heard the report from the wings

you say youre leaving
when i know that youre gone
after the fact, youll be back
but long after the song

if ever i try to run after
the ceiling reveals the sky
the carpet is pulled out from under
the walls disappear in the flies
behind them, the lenses of cameras
they all want a piece of us now
the story behind the unmaking
the what and the why and the how
excuse if i choose not to bow

you say youre leaving
when i know that youre gone
after the fact, youll be back
but long after the song is gone
after the fact, youll be gone
but long after the song


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