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clint black, clint black arklar, clint black ark szleri
1.a bad goodbye344
2.a better man345
3.a change in the air352
4.a good run of bad luck454
5.a heart like mine332
6.are you sure waylon done it this way380
7.been there344
8.been there with steve wariner297
9.birth of the king372
10.bob away my blues340
11.burn one down304
12.cadillac jack favor417
13.christmas for every boy and girl390
14.coolest pair347
16.easy for me to say clint black/hayden nicholas340
17.finest gift330
18.galaxy song346
19.half the man318
20.half way up336
21.hand in the fire342
22.happiness alone320
23.hey hot rod388
24.ill be gone517
26.killin time553
27.life gets away319
28.like the rain318
29.looking for christmas315
30.looking for christmas [reprise]298
31.loosen up my strings443
32.love she cant live without444
33.loving blind340
34.muddy water479
35.no time to kill329
36.nobodys home602
37.nothings news491
38.nothin but the taillights464
39.ode to chet402
40.one emotion338
41.one more payment367
42.our kind of love313
43.put yourself in my shoes502
44.slow as christmas348
45.something that we do324
46.state of mind322
47.still holding on307
48.straight from the factory388
49.summers comin537
50.that something in my life335
51.the kid345
52.the shoes youre wearing557
53.til santas gone milk and cookies528
54.tuckered out381
55.under the mistletoe435
56.untanglin my mind517
57.wake up yesterday358
58.walkin away557
59.we tell ourselves352
60.when i said i do339
61.when i said i do with lisa hartman black350
62.when my ship comes in363
63.where are you now361
64.wherever you go377
65.who i use to be677
66.winding down308
67.you dont need me now432
68.you walked by398
69.youre gonna leave me again488
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