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cliff richard, cliff richard arklar, cliff richard ark szleri
1.a girl like you349
2.a heart will break315
3.a little in love308
4.a misunderstood man341
5.a voice in the wilderness376
6.all i ask of you391
7.all my love820
8.all that matters337
9.all the time you need330
10.amazing grace304
11.anything i can do358
12.baby youre dynamite469
13.bachelor boy381
14.be bop a lu la435
15.be in my heart335
16.be with me always330
17.better day351
18.better than i know myself360
19.blue moon528
20.blue turns to grey313
21.blueberry hill549
22.born to rocknroll537
23.broken doll330
24.brother to brother332
25.burn on321
26.cant keep this feelin in409
27.cant take the hurt anymore630
29.choosing when its too late428
30.christmas alphabet377
31.christmas never comes394
32.cities may fall340
33.clear blue skies499
34.climbing up mount everest405
37.count me out282
38.daddys home518
39.devil woman335
41.do you wanna dance624
42.doing fine347
44.dont turn the light out468
45.dream tomorrow338
48.each to his own321
49.ease along332
50.evergreen tree366
51.every face tells a story356
52.everybody knows363
54.fallin in luv356
56.first date272
57.flying machine400
58.forever you will be mine421
59.free my soul335
60.from a distance325
61.galadriel spirit of starlight365
62.girl, youll be a woman soon448
63.give a little bit more343
64.give me love your way306
65.god rest ye merry gentlemen318
66.great balls of fire397
67.green light369
68.gut, dass es freunde gibt331
69.gypsy bundle333
70.had to be334
71.handle my heart with love317
72.have yourself a merry little christmas318
73.healing love309
74.heart user331
75.help it along369
76.here so doggone blue303
77.hey mr dream maker373
78.higher ground519
79.his land343
80.hold on436
81.hold us together317
82.hot shot331
83.human work of art331
84.i cant ask for anymore than you412
85.i do not love you isabella376
86.i need love396
87.i still believe in you334
88.i wake up crying320
89.i wish wed all been ready482
90.i wish youd change your mind479
91.ich traeume deine traeume376
92.if you work away309
93.in the night316
94.it has to be you, it has to be me282
95.itll be me babe448
96.its all in the game452
97.its alright now562
98.its no use pretending498
99.ill follow you464
100.im nearly famous498
101.im not hero804
103.junior cowboy332
104.just dont have the heart580
105.keep me warm326
106.la gonave387
107.language of love326
108.lean on you347
109.learning how to rocknroll628
110.little bitty pretty one302
111.little mistreater344
112.little town336
113.living doll310
114.locked inside your prison364
115.lost in a lonely world325
116.love is the strongest emotion332
117.love stealer321
119.lovers and friends390
120.loves salvation485
122.lucky lips469
123.makin history657
124.marked with death300
125.miss you nights324
126.mistletoe and wine329
127.monday thru friday384
128.move it402
129.moving in355
130.mr businessman343
131.must be love374
132.my kinda life305
133.my luck wont change537
134.my pretty one318
135.never be anyone else but you339
136.never even thought328
137.never let go430
138.never say die328
139.no power in pity312
140.november night360
141.now you see me, now you dont440
142.ocean deep323
143.oh no, dont let go455
144.once in a while298
145.only angel372
146.over you367
147.peace in our time273
148.please dont fall in love485
149.please dont tease506
150.please remember me339
151.power to all our friends308
152.real as i wanna be354
154.remember me354
155.reunion of the heart322
156.rocknroll juvenile482
157.sag "no" zu ihm295
158.saviours day495
159.say you dont mind460
160.scarlet ribbons367
162.share a dream327
163.she is so beautiful337
164.she make me feel like a man334
165.she means nothing to me364
166.shes a gipsy562
167.shine, jesus, shine245
168.shooting from the heart308
169.silent night331
171.silvers home tonight554
172.sing a song of freedom321
173.slow river344
174.small world315
175.snowfall of the sahara381
176.some people345
177.son of the thunder306
178.spider man2962
179.start all over again333
180.stronger than that370
181.such is a mystery353
183.summer holiday622
184.summer rain347
185.take another look319
186.the best of me348
187.the christmas song359
188.the day i met marie317
189.the gambling song351
190.the golden days are over340
191.the lords prayer438
192.the minute youre gone523
193.the next time304
194.the nightmare300
195.the only way out291
196.the sleep of the good315
197.the water is wide284
198.the winner325
199.the young ones419
200.theme for a dream332
201.theres more to life496
202.thief in the night346
203.this new year316
204.tiny planet351
205.traveling light358
206.try a smile311
207.two hearts331
208.two worlds355
209.under lock and key403
210.under the gun298
211.up in the world294
212.venite o come all ye faithful407
214.we dont talk anymore757
215.we should be together309
216.wenn du lachst, lacht das glueck283
217.when two worlds drift apart316
218.when you thought of me330
219.where do we go from here318
220.where you are339
221.while shes young458
222.white christmas394
223.whole lotta shakin goin on482
224.whos in love515
225.wide open space303
226.wild geese439
227.will you love me tomorrow304
228.willie and the hand jive276
229.wind me up, let me go308
230.wired for sound314
231.yesterday, today, forever306
232.you know that i love you389
233.you move heaven308
234.you, me and jesus327
235.young love338
236.youve got me wondering443
237.youve got to give me all your lovin401
238.cos i love that rocknroll397
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