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tv age ark sz

here we stand -
(remote control buttons in our sweaty little hands)
as one man -
(were lining up and waiting for someones command)
we dont move -
(we sent out for food, get the news on video)
i can prove -
(theres no need for movies, we got hbo)
in the
t.v. age

theyre out there somewhere
(you know the force has got a lot of power - but what makes you think it gives a shit about you... who are you anyway?)
theyre taking over
(and i believe - the aliens have to take a physical form on our planet - so why not one with 13 channels...)
theyre out there somewhere

times must change
(this aint the stone age, we dont have rocks in our heads)
whats so strange -
(we dont work no more, so why get out of bed)

t.v. rules -
(pretty soon you wont be able to turn it off at all)
all you fools -
(then itll turn you off - your backs against the wall)
in the -
t.v. age


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