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tomorrows world ark sz

hey - did you ever see so many stars in the sky
yeah - and can you imagine how many we cant even see
imagine were in the jiddle of the galaxy
yeah - imagine how many blazing stars thered be

were gonna fly in tomorrows world
and therell be cities on the moon
no onell die in tomorrows world
and miracles will happen soon
in tomorrows world

hey - dyou remember that rocket they blasted into god knows where
yeah - with the pictures for someone to find
with chemical symbols saying
hi how you doin to the folks out there
yeah - they put the bach music in
left all the shit behind

sometimes i think we should be sending out an sos
but mostly i just think of all the things i cant wait to see

were gonna live in tomorrows world
well live on power from the sun
were gonna live in tomorrows world
and therell be food for everyone
in tomorrows world


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