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the verdict ark sz

did you do me right?
did i do right by you?
when i bared my soul it seems you did not hear
can this be true?
am i fool to fight?
i could do just what you say
but im following my heart and that takes me another way
its not easy when theres no one one giving prizes at the end

waiting in the wings
wishing that the band would start to play
as the show begins
wonder what the critics have to say

for the verdict

some people live so fast
theyre so scared of getting old
some people keep on working
all they do is line their graves with gold
we dont know what happens when we die
we only know we die too soon
but we have to try or else our world becomes a waiting room
would you testify for me?
i think id do the same for you

waiting in the dark
waiting for the phone to ring all day
my witness disappears
wonder what the jury has to say



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