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love got lost ark sz

here we go, monday morning at last
in the land of the brave and the bold
sunlight is hurting my eyes
but its on to the glittering prize
theres a rent to pay
gimme a coffee to go, make it fast
therell be a merger before it gets cold
theyve closed down the whole seventh floor
the young guns are ready for war
but im holding on

long ago and far away
i was safe and sound
but love got lost
along the way

saturday night, went to see la bohme
used the spare ticket just for my coat
i guess i should swallow my pride
but id be damned if i hawked it outside
in the pouring rain
monday morning, and no-one to blame
keep hitting icebergs but im still afloat
id like a new body and face
but id settle for a friend with a space
on their calendar
up to now, and hard to say
wonder what ive found
but love got lost
along the way

here comes mr. worldly and wise
if he touches me again ill scream
i cant stand his sensitive eyes
like im some dying diva to him
touch me...dont touch me
touch me...dont touch me

long ago and far away
i was safe and sound
but love got lost
along the way


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