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happyland ark sz

it was on a summer night, she says, a year ago today
packed, the place was packed
the chicos lookin for some play
he wore a satin shirt and said a prayer to yemay
and he was calm and handsome
as they squeezed through to the bar
the girls were in tight dresses, just like sweets in cellophane
everyone was there
sabrosn from spanish harlem
and luz from camaguey
in her hand a single rose, and in her mouth a razorblade
hot, the place was hot
too many people to be safe

who cared
it was our night
watch us seize the day
and dance it all away...

bailamos, esa noche, bailamos
in happyland

it was on a summer night, she says - yes, it was a year ago
hot, the place was hot
but where else were they gonna go
and then she heard the screams
and saw the smoke come down
and then it really turned into the hottest club in town
she remembers all the firetrucks
and that maldito tv crew
and he, he didnt make it
so, "mi amor, this songs for you"
shes got red shoes on her feet
a nd a red smile on her face
and people say shes loca, to go back into that place

who cared
this is my night
watch me seize the day
and dance it all away...

bailar, esta noche, bailar
in happyland


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