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forty years ark sz

(on the 10th anniversary of the end of world war ii)

here in berlin - people line up to get in
to wait for the end - living in glorious sin
theyve looked around - and now there is no looking back
to when rivers ran red - now its the sky that grows black
shadows are cast as two giants roam over the earth
we light a match - but what is that little flame worth

once allies danced and sang
but it was forty years ago

here in d.c. - they talk about euro-disease
and how the french are always so damn hard to please
otions are passed in brussels but no one agrees
and no one walks tall - but no-one gets down on their knees

once allies laughed and drank
but it was forty years ago

where i come from
they dont like americans much
they think theyre so loud, so tasteless, and so out of touch
stiff upper lips are curled into permanent sneers
awaiting the next forty years

once allies cried and cheered
but it was forty years ago


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