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drowning ark sz

i dont love you
but im lost
thinking of you
and the ghosts
of so many special moments
that passed so quickly at the time
and now they come and track me down
and echo round and round and round
and time goes quickly
or disappears completely
and i feel like i fade away
like drowning

i dont need you
but its so hard
to be without you
though youre not far away
i censor my emotions
and tell myself to bide my time
but every time you come around
you batter my defenses down
but so gently
like some sweet hypnosis
and the world just slips away
im drowning

its dark
my heart is pounding
im sinking down
into a pool of passion
theres laughter as i drown
like so many lost before me
damned by lust and gone to hell
and then i look into your eyes
and something melts
i shake inside
and cool water
washes me all over
washes me away
and still im drowning


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