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chinatown ark sz

trying to find chinatown
trying to find chinatown

a hungry man
can hold out a long time
for some soul food
good food, whole food
i know i was that man
maybe sometimes hold out a little too long

i took a right
then i took a wrong turn
someone asked me for a quarter
it didnt seem to fit
he didnt look too much like a chinaman

trying to find chinatown
trying to find chinatown

an old black man
pushing a shopping trolley
filled with tin cans
avoided his glance
im nervous and im lost
and i dont see too many restaurants

a guy laid out
with a knife in his back
a cop came along
told him, move on
go home and sleep it off
i didnt know if i should get involved

trying to find chinatown
trying to find chinatown


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