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its a big world ark sz

looking over hong kong harbour
throw a shrimp in yellow wine
eat it when it ceases moving
just before is fine too
theres an ancient chinese saying
always seems to slip my mind
does it really die with honour
does it really matter
its a big world - so much to do

sitting on a beach in bali
tried to reach and grab a cloud
looked so much like cotton candy
and im feeling god-like
could it be just what im eating
only mushrooms after all
and with juice of avocado
i should live forever

its a big world - so much to see much

sitting on the floor in kyoto
marvel at the latest catch
eat it as soon as you are able
quick before they cook it
theres an eyeball staring at me
and i know ive met my match
do i eat or am i eaten
its a new adventure
its a big world - so much to do
its a big world - so much to see

from the leningradsky prospekt
on the road to mandalay
theres a new intoxication
hits you just as youre leaving
caf sur les champs-elyses
baklava in istanbul
smoke a pipe in casablanca
question all you believe in
its a big world - so much to do
its a big world - so much to see
and plenty of room for me and you


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