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day of the triffids ark sz

in the mid-day heat i gave a sigh
cruisin through the garden district, i was out of my mind
the star of indias in my hotel room
in a briefcase combination: 3, 2, 1 (which only i know)
and ive just seen my mentor, dr. no
"california sun" is on the radio, lets go

i just wanna reach the radio star
its a satellite off venus and it aint too far

i was shooting up in my hotel room
when the phone started ringing - oh no
it was dr. no, he gave the password
he said, hey, man, havent you heard? and i said no
the worlds been invaded by alien life forms
meet me at the airport, weve got to get out - lets go

i ran to the window and looked out, there were dead people lying all over the streets.
within two minutes i had all my stuff together.
i jumped in my car and was speeding down the highway past all the deserted cars.
in five minutes i was at the airport but there at the gates i saw what i suppose was one of these alien life forms.
i pulled my bazooka out of its bag in the back of the car and blew it to hell.
as arrange dr. no was waiting for me in the terminal.
we got in his private jet plane and took off, two hours later landing in zaire, where we met up with fu manchu, hannibal lecter, the hooded claw and all the rest of the gang.
we boarded the rocket and soon we were shooting off for the stars and as we approached the space station i looked down and observed the earth, the us air force being annihilated and swarms of nuclear weapons soaring through the stratosphere destroying the earth - and i swear to god i laughed.


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