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skywriting ark sz

sitting by candlelight, sucking back kryptonite in vain. used up message tape, nowhere to escape, locked in my chair. watching my silhouette, sucking back cigarettes in peace. the golden age of call display is thankfully here. i see your mouth moving, but suddenly i think im deaf. i used to hear you but...
all your talk is cheap skywriting, its big & bold until the smoke has cleared. a gust of wind & words are re-arranging, and suddenly the message disappears.

cranking my radio, drowning out romeo with bass. its thundering & quieting, im riding the storm. i see you scream at me but i pretend im somewhere else. i used to hear you but....


non-essential information, a hurricane of aggravation. your head is high above the clouds, go write a best-seller now. i thought i heard something, but maybe it was just a dream, i used to hear you but now i know.



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