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love or confusion ark sz

is that the stars in the sky, or is it, rain fallin down
will it burn me if i touch the sun-uh, yeah, so big, so round
would i be truthful, yeah, in, uh,
in chosin you as the one for me?
is this love, baby, or is it, uh-huh,
just, uh, confusion?
o-oh, my mind is so messed up-uh, goin round and round
must there be all the colors-uh
without names, without sound, baby?
my heart burns with feeling, but, uh
woe, but my mind, its cold and reeling
is this love, baby, or, uh-huh, or is it confusion?
oh, my head is poundin, poundin
goin round and round and round and round
must there always be these colors?, uh
without names, without sound
my heart burns with feelin
oh, but my mind is cold and reelin, uh
is this love, baby
or is it-uh, huh, just, uh, confusion?
oh, you tell me baby, is this, uh, love or confusion?
mama, we must get together and, uh, find out
exactly what were tryin to do
love or confusion?, confusion


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