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burning of the midnight lamp ark sz

the morning is dead
and the day is, too
theres nothing left here to meet me
but the velvet moon
all my loneliness i have felt today
its like a little more than enough
to make a man throw himself away

and i continue
to burn the midnight lamp

now the smiling portrait of you
is still hangin on my frowning wall
it really doesnt, really doesnt bother me too much at all
its just the ever falling dust
that makes it so hard for me to see
that forgotten earring layin on the floor
facing coldly towards the door

i continue
to burn the midnight lamp
lord, alone

loneliness is such a drag

so here i sit to face
that same old fire place
gettin ready for the same old explosion
goin through my mind
and soon enough time will tell,
about the circus in the wishing well
and someone who will buy and sell for me
someone to toll my bell

but i continue
to burn the midnight lamp
lord, alone
darlin cant ya hear me callin you?
so lonely
gonna have to blow my mind


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