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zeroes and ones ark sz

across the world the message flies
information, truth and lies
its all yours and its all mine
you just have to find the time
were all the same, we share the blame, we play the games
if its yes or no the decision is easy, its easy
zeroes and ones will take us there.

this time the revolution will be computerised
youll know it as you do it
in real time before your eyes
slip between realities
theres more to this than anything that you or i can see
the world is mine the world is yours and heres the cause
zeroes and ones will take us there.

ive stared into the heart of it all
seen the pictures on the wall
the beat of a heart
the oceans part and the patterns in my mind

this time, weve split the world once more
theres those that have and that dont in information wars
were not alone cos all is known and its everywhere, its everywhere

zeroes and ones will take us there.


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