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whats going on ark sz

how time lfies when youre biting your lip til it hurts
going over and over the same old things in your mind, oh my
hours gone by and hours yet to go
just what im waiting for, i dont really know
but then theres you

you know whats going on
you know whats taking place
its only me thats lost in space

spin me around yes, give me more of your lies
give me the gospel according to you
and thats fine by me
im sure that im wrong and all is not what it seems
but a hundred to one says you
give the same old lines to me
but then thats you

you know whats going on...

in every good story theres always a twist in the tale
so theres a note on your door that i really feel sure
will make your face go pale

you know whats going on...


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