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welcome back victoria ark sz

welcome back victoria
since youve gone you know that no-ones really missed you
welcome back victoria
and now your friends watch over everything
that we-ee do

welcome back victoria
so the pendulum swings back
welcome back victoria
you went away, ok
we got a little slack

and once again youll cover up
what you dont understand
dont close your eyes
you cant hide behind your hands

welcome back victoria
well be no threat when were deaf, dumb and blind
welcome back victoria
clean books, clean screens, clean words,
dirty minds

i am a child of the sixties
and for that i must pay
you wag your finger all you like
ill tell you something, its my children
theyll have no choice but to say

welcome back victoria
i trust your piano legs are covered up again
welcome back victoria
double standards are you forte, now as then

welcome back victoria
well tip our tophats to those who walk the streets, and you know what i mean, now
welcome back victoria
on commercial street be careful who you meet, but youre alright, jack
welcome back, welcome back, yeah
welcome back, welcome back, eehee hee


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