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chuck berry, chuck berry arklar, chuck berry ark szleri
1.aimlessly drifting365
2.aint that just like a woman419
3.almost grown309
4.anthony boy341
5.around and around333
6.back in the usa344
7.back to memphis328
8.beautiful delilah389
10.bonsoir cherie717
11.bordeaux in my pirough333
12.bound to lose319
13.brown eyed handsome man331
14.bye bye johnny354
17.check me out833
18.childhood sweetheart356
19.club nitty gritty629
20.come on384
21.confessin the blues578
22.crazy arms300
23.cest la vie633
24.dear dad379
25.do you love me357
26.down the road a piece348
27.downbound train309
28.drifting blues482
29.drifting heart391
30.every day we rocknroll414
31.fish and chips662
32.go bobby soxer471
33.go go go362
34.good looking woman341
35.got it and gone337
36.havana moon369
37.have mercy judge324
38.hello little girl goodbye346
39.his daughter caroline370
40.house lights319
41.how youve changed465
42.i cant believe473
43.i do really love you381
44.i dont take but a few minutes383
45.i got a booking373
46.i got to find my baby332
47.i love her i love her349
48.i love you435
49.i need you baby380
50.i never thought346
51.i want to be your driver357
52.i will not let you go374
53.if i were327
54.it wasnt me424
55.its my own business442
56.its too dark in here449
57.im a rocker419
58.im just a lucky so and so400
59.im just a name499
60.im talking about you433
61.ive changed437
62.jaguar and thunderbird336
63.jo jo gunne364
64.johnny b goode346
65.la jaunda364
66.let it rock341
67.lets boogie370
68.lets do our thing together396
69.little marie310
70.little queenie339
71.lonely school days359
72.louis to frisco368
74.ma dear ma dear580
76.merry christmas baby372
78.move it390
79.mums the word557
80.my blue christmas378
81.my ding a ling410
82.my heart will always belong to you397
83.my little love lights310
84.my mustang ford301
85.my woman349
87.no money down337
88.no particular place to go376
89.oh baby doll392
90.oh louisiana335
91.oh what a thrill334
92.oh yeah359
93.our little rendezvous337
94.pass away361
95.promised land308
96.rain eyes305
97.ramona say yes413
98.reelin and rockin472
99.right off rampart street393
100.rock cradle rock413
101.rocknroll music403
102.roll away307
103.roll over beethoven357
105.run around326
106.run rudolph run331
107.san francisco dues354
108.school days319
109.some people358
110.soul rocking350
111.st louis blues338
112.still got the blues355
113.sue ann sir339
114.sweet little rocknroller414
115.sweet little sixteen343
116.sweet sixteen392
117.talking about my buddy313
118.tell you about my buddy323
119.the festival361
120.the love i lost353
121.the things i used to do335
122.thirteen question method361
123.thirty days345
124.together well always be451
125.too much monkey business381
126.too pooped to pop313
128.viva viva rocknroll617
129.wee hours blues354
130.wee wee hours604
131.welcome back pretty baby342
132.why should we end this way459
133.worried life blues384
134.wudent me477
135.you and my country346
136.you cant catch me461
137.you never can tell347
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