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christina aguilera, christina aguilera arklar, christina aguilera ark szleri
1.a voice within438
2.all i wanna do with keizo nakanishi377
3.all i want is you come on over425
4.all right now526
5.angels we have heard on high387
6.at last636
8.believe me391
10.by your side387
11.cant hold us down443
12.christmas time393
13.come on over all i want is you420
14.come on over baby565
15.contigo en la distancia709
17.cuando no es contigo312
18.dame lo que yo te doy396
20.dont make me love you til im ready463
21.dream a dream393
22.dreamy eyes396
23.el beso del final406
24.falsas esperanzas458
26.genie in a bottle371
27.genio atrapado364
28.get mine, get yours319
29.have yourself a merry little christmas354
31.i come undone437
32.i turn to you402
33.i will be387
36.im ok463
37.just be free347
38.just be free spanish459
39.keep on singing my song352
40.lady marmalade536
41.love for all seasons352
42.love is only love405
43.love will find a way341
44.loves embrace interlude451
45.loving me for me354
46.make me happy360
47.make over366
48.merry christmas, baby329
49.merry christmas, baby featuring dr john349
50.mi reflejo409
51.move it358
52.move it dance mix324
53.my funny valentine349
54.nobody wants to be lonely355
56.oh holy night351
57.our day will come378
58.pero me acuerdo de ti324
59.por siempre tu354
60.primer amor interlude656
61.put your hands on me368
63.running out of time377
64.si no te hubiera conocido382
65.silent night736
66.silent night noche de paz413
67.so emotional395
69.somebodys somebody422
70.stripped intro416
71.stripped pt461
72.stripped pt630
73.thats what love can do463
74.the christmas song360
75.the music that makes me dance372
76.the voice within296
77.the way you talk to me316
78.these are the special times344
79.this christmas405
80.this year352
81.too beautiful for words377
82.una mujer368
84.ven conmigo solamente tu375
85.walk away342
86.were a miracle import version472
87.what a girl wants390
88.when you put your hands on me387
89.xtinas xmas1021
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