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jinx removing ark sz

talked out and now im feeling crowded.
all the errands in the world wont save us now.
rained in and i wont come unclouded.
theres a stillness in the air.
i pray for sound.
were too smart to watch tv.
were too dumb to make believe
this is all we want from life.
and im too dumb to talk to you.
youre so quick to listen to me.
im saying nothing you dont know.
nothing you dont know.
walked out and i wont be rerouted.
if i dont go outside today, i never will.
too old not to get excited
about rain and roads,
egyptian ruins, our first kiss.
i love you more than i ever loved
anyone before, or anyone to come.
someone said your name, i thought of you alone.
i was just the same, twenty blocks away.
blew twelve and kissed the thirteenth finger.
"rabbit, rabbit," on the first.
i hold my breath.
did tricks i hoped you wouldnt notice.
a superstitious hyperrealist.
ill make you mine.


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