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i just wrote the dumbest song.
its gonna be a sing along.
all our friends will clap and sing.
our enemies will laugh and be pointing.
it wont bother me, what the thoughtless are thinking.
i am more concerned with what were drinking.
theyll laugh about it at the warehouse,
saying im so lame. it wrote itself,
you can keep the blame.
itll be a happy song, not unlike some other ones.
while everyones depressed and broke,
i get high off your sick jokes.
theyre colossal.
theyre tousling all the worried hair. stay up there.
so crazy it just might work.
then well quit our jobs.
we could be the next group that you rob.
there are times for being dumb.
this must be one of them.
id like to know whats so wrong,
with a stupid happy song?
it says many things in its nothingness.
it gives me space to think, i guess.
to think less. and less.
moving units and tracking charts.
will they ever learn?
it isnt who you know, its who you burn.
it means nothing. selling kids to other kids.
if you think we changed our tune, i hope we did.


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