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imaginary war ark sz

underwater screams he is so far gone
drowned out by the unseen powers in unseen ways
fists clenched to fight its a fearless wall
takes your soul and grinds it all, it finds all

let it go, some things arent meant to be now
battlesore, why fight a war thats been decided
change your course, feel out your enemy now
realize, you cant fight a war without a weapon

ran off to war but you couldnt find the battlesight
esems you missed the fight
its imaginary - causes, clauses
clog your mind with their spite
like the preacherman who lectures hard on supersin
hes soon found out in bed
too long engaged, sleeping with your ideas
now youre your best source

arms pinned to your side your minds on fire
its got you firmly in its grasp, a keyless clasp
if you had an edge you just might cut loose
but youve been dulled with age and ease, your muscles seized

please beware, you should prepare yourself now
never more, dont come to class without your homework
resign yourself, it takes work to make it here now
realize, you cant fight a war without a weapon


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