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i love you so much its killing us both ark sz
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i love you so much its killing us both ark sz

a week inside, i think im starting to show.
i told myself to keep myself in line.
should we get married or just go on killing each other?
i dont think i hate you enough to commit you to me.
happy all the time. its all we ever do.
steady in decline. its all we ever do.
im sorry but its true.
how can i save you when i couldnt save a dime.
i want to call you and tell you that im a fan.
all my friends know better but i cant quite hear them.
still for the life of me i cant imagine our home.
good things, thats all i want.
all i want for you.
hold me. set me free.
its all i want from you.
its sad and its so true.
if you cant be the life of the party,
youll be the death of everyone.
all i want is a life without parties.
want you as one.
watch this pot and it is sure to boil.
sometimes i catch myself thinking,
"boy, or girl?"
kiss me on the teeth. its all that we can do.
punch me. wake me up.
this lullaby is blue.
lie and say were through.


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