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crane ark sz

takes a crane to pick me up, a twenty gallon coffee cup
a metal flag to move my brow, indelibles my color now
forever is the time it takes, to get me going can you wait?
ill be along now any year, progress slowed by heightened fear

i got a broken crown, i went from king to clown
dont think im down, a fools got so much less to lose
i see your towers tall, but tall aint all
you can rise above but its that much further you must fall

lifes a race that i cant run, i curse the man who fired the gun
concrete socks and cement shoes, the race was fixed im gonna lose it
theres a danger in a desperate man, watch yourself im panicking
i know my time is almost done, its now or never - never comes

were young yet, too young to regret it
i see you play it safe, if you had a dime i bet you wouldnt bet it
well thats cool, whats advice from a fool
just hear me out, this is what im all about...

twenty-one in need of fun, growing old
in a band to understand, a fucked up world
twenty-two it could be through, enlist now
noone knows where it is going but its up from down

could well be im full of shit, saying never guarantees it
still im not some posi-creep, reality my soul do keep
living on the brighter side, like living only half a life
i keep my feet tied to the ground, i let my head go wander round


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