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ashtray monument ark sz

free, alone.
the predawn white lights coming on.
bottle on the night stand.
i count disasters on my free hand now.
run for cover theres a big one coming.
youll be lucky if youre at ground zero.
youll be lucky if its got your number.
no one said that this life was easy.
did that no one ever live a life this hard?
it gets hard.
the bills are scattered in the yard.
ashtray monument.
a life spent waiting in cement.
after all, its not that bad.
i still have pictures.
i look back at all the things that we once did.
you said, "i love you."
i guess you did.
remember our life.
i did the dishes while you read out loud.
best friends, strangers now.
were our kids all we could call common ground.


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