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chris rea, chris rea arklar, chris rea ark szleri
1.ace of hearts350
2.all summer long867
3.and you my love839
5.auf immer und ewig398
6.because of you345
7.between the devil and the deep blue sea361
8.black dog517
10.boom boom382
11.bows and bangles397
13.cenotaph / letter from amsterdam337
14.chisel hill338
15.crack that mould355
16.curse of the traveller413
17.dance dont think395
18.dancing girls358
19.dancing shoes325
20.dancing with charlie330
22.deep water449
25.distant summers406
26.do it for your love320
27.do you still dream394
28.dont want your best friend462
29.driving home381
30.driving home for christmas295
31.espresso logic518
32.every beat of my heart374
33.every second counts405
34.every time i see you smile397
35.fires of spring312
36.fool if you think its over477
37.footprints in the snow342
38.for ever and ever367
40.from love to love358
42.gods great banana skin520
43.gone fishing490
44.gonna buy a hat316
45.good news355
46.goodbye little columbus369
47.guitar street397
48.he should know better323
50.hello friend384
51.hey you385
52.hired gun396
53.holding out427
54.i aint the fool474
55.i can hear your heartbeat616
56.i can hear your heartbeat378
57.i cant dance to that402
58.i dont care anymore585
59.i dont know what it is but i love it426
60.i just wanna be with you2962
61.i saw you coming380
62.i thought i was going to lose you337
63.if you choose to go337
64.if you were me duet with elton john350
65.its all gone447
66.im ready493
67.im taking the day out546
68.johnny needs a fast car358
70.joys of christmas375
72.just one of those days354
73.just passing through347
74.just want to be with you325
75.let it loose449
76.lets dance495
77.light of hope360
78.little blonde plaits633
79.looking for a rainbow368
80.looking for the summer463
81.love turns to lies363
82.loves strange ways446
83.loving you339
84.loving you again343
85.lucky day360
86.midnight blue376
87.miles is a cigarette397
88.new way392
89.no qualifications332
90.nothing to fear347
91.nothings happening by the sea557
92.on the beach417
93.one fine day349
94.one golden rule324
95.one sweet tender touch343
96.only with you427
97.out of the darkness356
98.que sera349
99.raincoat and a rose474
102.red shoes364
103.ruby blue929
106.september blue516
107.september blue426
108.set me free406
109.shamrock diaries340
110.she closed her eyes340
111.she gave it away355
112.shes gonna change everything469
113.shine, shine, shine505
114.sierra, sierra433
115.since i dont see you anymore509
116.sing a song of love to me376
118.soft top, hard shoulder452
119.soup of the day346
120.stainsby girls415
121.standing in your doorway347
122.steel river364
123.stick it367
126.summer love1039
127.sweet kiss378
128.teach me to dance376
129.tell me theres a heaven484
133.that girl of mine338
134.thats the way it goes449
135.thats what they always say435
136.the blue cafe457
137.the closer you get340
138.the mention of your name403
139.the road to hell part370
140.the road to hell part372
141.the things lovers should do313
142.there she goes381
143.three angels601
144.too much pride335
145.touch&; damour501
146.true to you411
147.twisted wheel347
148.two roads319
149.we dont have problem461
150.whatever happened to benny santini319
151.when you know your love has died314
152.windy town501
154.winter song400
155.wired to the moon438
156.working on it345
157.yes i do446
158.you can go your own way726
159.you must be evil360
160.your warm and tender love343
161.youre not a number455
162.s blues524
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