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chris isaak, chris isaak arklar, chris isaak ark szleri
1. lonely nights554
3.always got tonight372
4.american boy424
5.another idea385
6.baby did a bad bad thing1095
7.back on your side365
8.beautiful homes394
9.black flowers518
10.blue hotel4218
11.blue spanish sky532
12.breaking apart437
13.cant do a thing to stop me556
14.changed your mind335
15.cool love477
19.diddley daddy396
20.dont get so down on yourself448
21.dont leave me on my own449
22.dont make me dream about you463
23.except the new girl367
24.fade away433
26.forever blue784
27.forever young412
28.funeral in the rain396
29.go walking down there451
30.goin nowhere470
31.gone ridin581
32.graduation day374
33.heart full of soul394
34.heart shaped world414
35.i believe449
36.i like the way she moves432
37.i see you everywhere442
38.i want your love420
39.i wonder505
40.in the heat of the jungle381
41.im not sleepy587
42.im not waiting511
43.kings of the highway355
44.let me down easy406
45.lie to me481
46.life will go on731
47.livin for your lover461
48.lonely with a broken heart431
49.lovers game441
50.move along378
51.nothing to say385
52.nothings changed540
53.notice the ring387
54.one day474
55.only the lonely640
57.pretty girls dont cry477
58.return to me1108
59.round n round736
60.san francisco days394
61.shadows in a mirror408
62.solitary man462
63.somebody to love420
64.somebodys crying507
65.south of the border down mexico way396
66.speak of the devil416
67.super magic677
68.sweet leilani387
69.talk to me382
70.talkin bout a home477
72.the end of everything428
73.the lonely ones323
74.there she goes423
75.things go wrong391
76.think of tomorrow399
77.this love will last367
78.this time376
79.two hearts657
83.waiting for my lucky day343
84.waiting for the rain to fall355
85.walk slow399
87.western stars383
88.wicked game450
89.wild love563
90.worked it out wrong366
91.wrong to love you374
92.yellow bird422
93.you owe me some kind of love523
94.you took my heart397
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