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afi, afi arklar, afi ark szleri
1. /587
2. to507
3.a single second410
4.a winters tale561
5.advances in modern technology417
6.aspirin free473
7.at a glance389
8.brownie bottom sundae426
9.catch a hot one447
10.cereal wars451
11.charles atlas442
12.clove smoke catharsis444
13.coin return522
14.consult my lover622
15.crop tub500
16.cruise control449
17.cult status472
18.days of the pheonix435
19.days of the phoenix348
21.dont make me ill646
22.dream of waking390
23.ever and a day382
25.fall children568
28.god called in sick today482
29.half empty bottle449
31.he who laughs last464
32.highschool football hero456
33.i wanna mohawk but mom wont let me get one607
34.keeping out of direct sunlight an introduction434
35.key lime pie561
36.last caress misfits cover390
37.let it be broke435
38.love is a many splendored thing429
39.lower your head and take it in the body390
40.malleus maleficarum404
41.man in a suitcase422
42.midnight sun460
43.modern epic431
45.narrative of soul against soul467
46.no poetic device422
48.of greetings and goodbyes434
49.over exposure434
50.perfect fit481
51.ph low663
52.porphyria cutanea tarda468
53.rizzo in the box388
54.rolling balls401
55.sacrifice theory414
56.salt for your wounds425
57.self pity462
58.shatty fatmas418
59.single second453
61.soap box derby414
62.story at three404
63.strength through wounding450
64.take the test411
65.the boy who destroyed the world419
66.the checkered demon378
67.the days of phoenix376
68.the days of the peonix459
69.the despair factor396
70.the devil loves you430
71.the hanging garden cure cover430
72.the last kiss412
73.the lost souls386
74.the mother in me441
75.the nephilim644
76.the new patron saints and angels425
77.the prayer position401
78.theory of revolution410
79.third season442
80.this secret ninja415
81.three reasons442
82.three seconds notice414
83.todays lesson filth cover505
85.triple zero500
86.two of a kind377
87.wake up call422
88.weathered tome439
90.who knew638
91.who said you could touch me437
92.your name here384
93.yurf rendenmein419
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