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chris de burgh, chris de burgh arklar, chris de burgh ark szleri
1.a celebration346
2.a new star in heaven tonight344
3.a night on the river336
4.a rainy night in paris503
5.a spaceman came travelling346
6.a womans heart534
7.all the love i have inside357
8.always on my mind352
9.blonde hair, blue jeans358
12.broken wings334
13.brother john451
14.by my side400
15.carry melike a fire in your heart456
16.carry on357
18.crying and laughing358
19.diamond in the dark342
21.do what you do441
22.dont look back489
23.dont pay the ferryman438
24.eastern wind347
25.every drop of rain351
26.fatal hesitation551
27.fire on the water345
28.flying home406
29.for rosanna366
33.heart of darkness317
34.here is your paradise418
35.high on emotion387
36.hold on404
37.i had the love in my eyes358
38.i see you everywhere374
39.i want it and i want it now413
40.i will409
41.if you really love her, let her go544
42.in a country churchyard let your love shine on357
43.in dreams394
44.in love forever424
45.in your eyes411
46.its me and im ready to go405
47.its such a long way home452
48.im counting on you478
49.im going home499
50.im not crying over you478
51.im not scared anymore452
52.just a word away334
53.just another poor boy304
54.just in time356
55.la dama de ayer627
56.lady in red455
57.last night349
58.leather on my shoes303
60.light a fire539
61.living in the world348
62.living on the island361
63.lonely sky374
64.lonesome cowboy378
65.love is my decision360
66.love of the heart divine340
67.loves got a hold on me439
68.making the perfect man353
69.man on the line322
70.missing you344
71.moonlight and vodka415
72.much more than this349
73.my lover is358
74.natasha dance420
75.new moon362
76.nothing ever happens round here407
77.oh my brave hearts357
78.old friend328
79.old-fashioned people312
80.one more mile to go324
81.one word straight to the heart387
82.patricia the stripper345
83.perfect day343
84.quiet moments330
85.quiet revolution361
86.riding on a rainbow349
87.round and around351
88.sailing away408
90.saint peters gate495
91.satin green shutters367
92.say goodbye to it all359
93.separate tables560
94.shadows and lights348
95.she means everything to me469
96.shine on375
97.ship to shore356
98.sight and touch376
99.sin city345
100.so beautiful363
101.some things never change392
102.something else again328
103.spanish train343
104.strangers on a train369
105.suddenly love375
106.summer rain343
107.taking it to the top323
108.talk to me355
109.tender hands375
110.thats what friends are for518
111.the ballroom of romance341
112.the connemara coast326
113.the devils eye447
114.the ecstasy of flight i love the night359
115.the getaway398
116.the girl with april in her eyes339
117.the head and the heart371
118.the key325
119.the last moments of the dawn523
120.the last time i cried326
121.the leader537
122.the painter362
123.the record company bash343
124.the revolution488
125.the risen lord433
126.the rivers of abraham353
127.the same sun349
128.the simple truth a child is born365
129.the snows of new york co-written with albert hammond336
130.the son and the father355
131.the sound of a gun335
132.the spirit of man327
133.the tower349
134.the traveller410
135.the vision613
136.this is love350
137.this silent world339
138.this song for you334
139.this waiting heart359
140.this weight on me368
142.tourist attraction414
143.transmission ends329
145.up here in heaven310
146.waiting for the hurricane382
147.wall of silence364
148.watching the world366
149.what about me519
150.when i see you tonight403
151.when i think of you575
152.where peaceful waters flow397
153.where we will be going349
154.windy night361
155.you and me531
156.you are the reason363
157.you look beautiful398
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