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heres to the losers ark sz

heres to those who love not too wisely,
no, not wisely, but too well
to the girl who sighs with envy
when she hears that wedding bell
to the guy whod throw a party
if he knew someone to call
heres to the losers,
bless them all

heres to those wholl drink their dinners
when that lady doesnt show
to the girl wholl wait for kisses
underneath the mistletoe
to the lonely summer lovers
when the leaves begin to fall
heres to the losers,
bless them all

heres the last toast of the evening,
heres to those who still believe
all the losers shall be winners,
all the givers shall receive
heres to trouble-free tomorrows,
may your sorrows all be small
heres to the losers,
bless them all


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