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direct dubit ark sz

theres something that i just got to do,
im holding out for me and you,
dont start stoppin now, just let it out,
i give you all that ive got to give,
from head to toe and in my fingertips.
i know i can find what im looking for.

calling out to you, ill be calling out, calling out to you.

well i knew it was too good to be true,
whats good for me is not much good to you,
dont start stopping now, weve come too far,
and i might just be a minute away,
but they only ever want me to stay,
if i keep on i will found what were looking for.

theres nothing you can tell me,
cos i already know,
no ones gonna stop me now.

calling out to you, ill be calling out, calling out to you.


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