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chicago, chicago arklar, chicago ark szleri
1. or to463
2.a hard risin morning without breakfast417
3.a hit by varese459
4.a song for richard and his friends347
5.aint it blue437
6.aint it time451
7.alive again370
8.all is well821
9.all roads lead to you408
10.all the years334
11.alma mater375
12.aloha mama447
13.along comes a woman363
14.another rainy day in new york city385
15.anyway you want447
16.at the sunrise399
17.baby what a big surprise410
18.bad advice329
20.bigger than elvis381
21.birthday boy402
22.blues in the night339
23.brand new love affair i & ii285
25.call on me405
26.candle for the dark326
29.chasin the wind396
31.colour my world444
32.come in from the night364
33.critics choice514
34.cry for the lost323
35.darlin dear668
37.does anybody really know what time it is346
38.dont get around much anymore469
39.dream a little dream of me360
40.dreamin home594
41.explain it to my heart354
42.fallin out639
43.fancy colours448
44.feelin stronger everday434
45.feelin stronger everyday508
47.follow me370
50.gently ill wake you410
51.get away722
52.get on this381
53.god save the queen357
54.gone long gone355
56.goody goody352
57.happy man401
58.happy cause im going home577
59.hard habit to break348
60.hard to say i sorry323
61.hard to say im sorry/get away455
62.harry truman393
63.heart in pieces342
65.hold on400
66.holdin on477
68.hope for love387
69.hot streets335
70.i believe373
71.i dont wanna live without your love417
72.i dont want your money704
73.i stand up355
74.if it were you362
75.if she would have been faithful404
76.if you leave me now392
77.in terms of two371
78.in the country320
79.in the mood419
81.it better e349
82.its alright419
83.id rather be rich424
84.im a man421
85.ive been searching so long427
86.ive been searchin so long445
88.just you n me576
89.just you n me340
90.lets take a lifetime366
92.life is what it is344
93.life saver427
95.little miss lovin465
96.little one437
97.loneliness is just a word427
98.long time no see625
99.look away400
100.loser with a broken heart360
101.love me tomarrow366
102.love was new326
104.mah jong476
105.make me smile386
106.mama mama2409
107.mama take421
108.man to woman414
110.memories of love431
111.mississippi delta city blues335
113.moonlight serenade375
114.morning blues again370
116.motorboat to mars586
117.movin in462
118.must have been crazy400
119.never been in love before345
120.niagara falls310
121.night and day325
122.no tell lover332
123.nothins gonna stop us now409
124.now more than ever680
125.now that youve gone481
126.off to work473
127.oh thank you great spirit386
128.old days436
129.once in a lifetime386
130.once or twice388
131.one from the heart308
132.one more day320
133.only you394
134.onlytime can heal the wounded360
135.over and over382
136.overnight cafe310
137.paradise alley532
139.please hold on370
141.poem for the people369
143.prelude little one487
144.prima donna358
145.questions and336
147.remember the feeling344
149.rescue you344
150.run away395
152.saturday in the park357
154.show me the way352
155.sing a mean tune kid385
156.sing, sing, sing497
157.skin tight483
158.skinny boy333
159.sleeping in the middle of the bed again341
160.so much to say so much to give514
161.somebody somewhere348
163.something in this city changes people325
164.song for you323
165.song of the evergreens316
166.sophisticated lady370
167.south california purples398
168.state of the union328
169.stay the night374
170.street player374
171.take a chance372
172.take me back to chicago477
173.take the "a" train372
174.the american dream343
175.the greatest love on earth317
176.the pull327
177.the road393
178.the show must go on337
179.the stone of sisyphus379
180.this time328
181.thunder and lightning318
182.till the end of time313
183.till we meet again445
184.together again409
185.upon arrival388
188.vote for me360
189.waiting for you to decide363
190.wake up sunshine393
191.we can last forever380
192.we can stop the hurting349
193.what can i say385
194.what does it take374
195.what else can i say485
196.what kind of man would i be367
197.what youre missing451
198.whats this world comin to441
199.when all the laughter dies in sorrow363
200.where did the lovin go465
201.where do we go from here364
202.while the city sleeps458
203.who do you love386
204.will you still love me380
205.window dreamin444
206.wishing you were here397
207.woman dont want to love me471
208.you are on my mind414
209.you came to my senses384
210.you get it up542
211.youre not alone471
212.youre the inspiration482
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