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cherry poppin daddies, cherry poppin daddies arklar, cherry poppin daddies ark szleri
2.answering machine372
3.bleeding ceremony362
4.bobby kennedy557
5.brown derby jump356
6.butch the gay santa claus662
7.cherry poppin daddy strut555
9.come back to me504
10.cosa nostra627
11.diabolic tastemaker410
12.diamond light boogie372
13.ding dong daddy of the d-car line378
14.dirty mutha fuzz335
15.don quixote371
16.dr bones454
17.drunk daddy359
18.end of the night346
19.flovilla thatch vs the virile garbageman371
20.flower fight with morrissey350
21.god is a spider385
22.grand mal398
23.hazel, south dakota328
24.here comes the snake342
25.impossible dream310
26.inertia rhapsody398
27.irish whiskey363
28.johanna of the spirits368
29.jump in the line shake senora584
30.kids on the street343
31.lovers understand401
32.luther lane376
33.master and slave404
34.midas in reverse398
37.mom was no fat broad409
38.mr white keys366
39.my mistake443
40.no mercy for swine422
41.pink elephant356
42.saddest thing i know367
43.say it to my face475
44.shake your lovemaker554
45.silver tongued devil332
46.skyline drive356
47.so long toots400
48.so long, toots311
49.sockable face club369
50.soul cadillac415
51.sound system377
52.stay, dont just stay if youre gonna466
53.suicide kings351
54.swingin with tiger woods the big swing570
55.teenage brainsurgeon339
56.the enemy within342
57.the lifeboat mutiny364
58.the search413
59.trapped inside the planet of the roller-skating bees362
60.uncle ray377
61.up from the gutter500
62.well always have paris517
63.when i change your mind346
64.you better move337
65.zoot suit riot385
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