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me and my melody ark sz

oh lord
its pulling me down
oh darling
how weak this crown

do you fail
to understand
what is heartily now
whats in your hands

oh creature
oh love
strained now
til we get enough
i aint afraid no more
as they batter down the door

who you are and what you say
youve built it up some other way
isnt that crime these tears divine
love you tear me up sometimes and

oh darling
you and me
stuck on time as we see
the outside world fade away
til the dark
the dark of the day

who you are and what you say
does it mean now anyway
throw off your crown, tread me down
oh baby stop all feelings now

oh were worlds apart
helpless as we are
you and i
walk on by
our little love will die

still walking the bridge to god
thinking things that i can not
relate this to what you say
bricks are falling down this day, oh

oh darling
the weeks to come
aint nothing but the sound of your drum
you can stay or walk away
as i, i long to say

who you are and what you say
babe weve lost now anyway
isnt that a crime these tears divine
a river ?round your waist sometimes, oh

and stuck in tears as weve gone too far
babe youve built a wall
thats hard getting through
getting through to you

who you are and what you say
held down anyway
oh darling fear brought us here
oh oh, hold hands she dont want me tied
her hands still stuck in mine
baby i long to see, oh oh
hey you, my tears wont mend
until the end


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