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cher, cher arklar, cher ark szleri
1.a different kind of love song365
2.a song for the lonely331
3.a world without heroes407
4.after all377
6.alive again347
7.all because of you347
8.all i really want to do332
9.all or nothing346
10.am i blue545
11.angels running358
12.back on the street again363
13.bang bang362
14.behind the door353
16.body to body,heart to heart398
17.by myself351
18.carousel man384
19.come and stay with me337
20.couldve been you454
21.dangerous times288
22.dark lady385
23.davids song496
24.do i ever cross your mind529
25.does anybody really fall in love anymore377
26.dont come aroung tonite518
27.dont hide your love545
28.dont try to close a rose468
29.dove lamore767
30.dream baby372
31.elusive butterfly314
32.emotional fire337
33.fire and rain319
34.fires of eden323
36.geronimos cadillac457
37.girl from ipanema353
38.give our love a fighting chance336
39.gypsies, tramps & thieves322
40.gypsies, tramps and thieves353
42.hard enough getting over you315
43.he aint heavyhes my brother487
44.heart of stone299
45.hell on wheels379
46.hey joe362
47.hell never know489
48.how can you mend a broken heart323
49.how long has this been going on346
50.i found someone351
51.i go to sleep368
52.i got it bad and that aint good552
53.i got you babe870
54.i hate to sleep alone391
55.i paralyze416
56.i saw a man and he danced with his wife350
57.i wasnt ready523
58.i wouldnt treat a dog441
59.if i could turn back time351
60.if i knew then336
61.it might as well stay monday371
62.its a mans, mans, mans world406
63.its not unusual479
64.ill never stop loving you429
65.im blowin away507
66.im in the middle472
67.jolson medley367
68.just like jesse james336
69.kiss to kiss355
70.living in a house divided348
71.love and understanding335
72.love hurts857
73.love is a lonely place without you352
74.love is the groove390
75.love on a rooftop415
76.love one another373
77.love so high349
78.magic in the air361
79.main man467
82.more than you know397
83.my love393
84.needles and pins306
85.never been to spain365
86.not enough love in the world340
87.one by one338
88.one honest man331
89.one small step366
91.paradise is here319
94.real love377
95.rock & roll doctor307
98.save up all your tears334
99.say whats on your mind458
100.shape of things to come354
101.skin deep370
102.song called children340
103.song for you337
104.starting over332
106.still in love with you331
107.strong enough365
109.takin back my heart500
110.taxi taxi412
111.the beat goes on326
112.the book of love364
113.the first time348
114.the greatest song i ever heard370
115.the gunman605
116.the long and winding road360
117.the man i love344
118.the man that got away313
119.the musics no good without you380
120.the musics no good without you727
121.the power370
122.the same mistake377
123.the shoop shoop323
124.the sun aint gonna shine anymore455
125.the way of love432
126.this god forsaken day305
127.touch and go516
128.train of thought312
129.walk with me409
130.walking in memphis349
131.we all sleep alone338
132.what about the moonlight379
133.whatll i do669
134.when love calls your name336
135.when lovers become strangers318
136.when the love is gone289
137.when the moneys gone471
138.when you find out where youre goin,let me know411
139.where do you go470
140.who you gonna believe350
141.why was i born390
142.working girl350
143.you better sit down kids344
144.you dont have to say you love me531
145.you take it all343
146.you wouldnt know love465
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