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cheap trick, cheap trick arklar, cheap trick ark szleri
2.aint that a shamelive731
3.all i really want to do453
4.all we need is a dream677
5.all wound up424
6.are you lonely tonight465
7.auf wiedersehen721
8.baby loves to rock378
9.back n blue503
10.big eyes447
13.california man412
14.cant hold on731
15.cant stop fallin into love460
16.cant stop it but im gonna try439
17.clock strikes ten408
18.come on, come on465
19.cry baby497
20.cry, cry618
21.dady should have stayed in high school414
22.dancing the night away440
23.didnt know i had it485
24.dont be cruel492
25.dont make our love a crime467
27.dream police493
28.elo kiddies544
29.everything works if you let it384
30.four letter word398
31.ghost town500
33.go for the throat use your own imagination428
34.gonna raise hell403
35.good girls go to heavenbad girls go everywhere359
37.hard to tell424
38.heaven tonight417
39.heavens falling512
40.hello there431
41.hes a whore498
42.high priest of rhythmic noise372
43.high roller429
44.hot love463
45.how about you406
46.how are you418
47.i cant take it572
48.i cant understand it500
49.i dont love here anymore408
50.i know what i want409
51.i love you honey but i hate your friends408
52.i must be dreaming393
53.i want be man432
54.i want you405
55.i want you to want me454
56.if you need me440
57.if you want my love432
58.invaders of the heart368
59.its only love464
60.its up to you490
61.ill be with you tonight472
62.just got back404
63.kiss me red428
64.let go467
65.little sister407
66.lookin out for number one436
69.love comes491
70.loves got a hold on me421
73.my gang441
74.name of the game410
75.need your love354
76.never had a lot to lose386
77.next position please400
78.no mercy441
79.oh caroline432
80.oh, candy421
81.on the radio374
82.on top of the world347
83.one on one384
84.oo la la la1163
85.rearview mirror romance394
86.rock all night418
87.saturday at midnight393
88.shes got motion500
89.shes tight530
90.so good to see you410
91.southern girls317
93.speak now or forever hold your peace420
94.standing on the edge418
95.stiff competition387
96.stop this game396
98.take me im yours514
99.take me to the top414
100.takin me back497
101.taxman, mr thief394
102.tell me everything441
103.the ballad of tv violenceim not the only boy475
104.the doctor464
105.the flame558
106.the house is rockin471
107.the house is rockinwith domestic problems420
108.this time around394
109.time is runnin509
110.tonight its you442
112.walk away498
113.way of the world371
114.when you need someone363
115.wherever would i be407
116.who dking756
117.woke up with a monster377
118.wont take no for an answer563
119.worlds greatest lover705
120.writing on the wall408
121.wrong side of love412
122.you say jump395
123.you talk too much397
124.younger girls473
125.youre all i wanna do499
126.youre all talk570
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