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londinium ark sz

energy from every pore
make what you will
are you with or without
the force cannot be blamed
just the hunger or greed
supplying the ugly drive
dirty water no profit to supply
that round travelled far too long

in every direction you turn touch fire and you burn
earn self recognition over all the preoccupying nonsense
i plead my inner sense savour this aroma of a new experience
high intelligence bound for the underground we burrow deep down
i originate like the word individual visual visionary i vary
and all others see my eye view so multiply through the big bad city
with a human emotion running wild not fit for the child of all ages
accelerate speed of life moving closer to the centre enter at ya own
if ya will still the hustling bustling busy bee hive is alive
and kicking im picking the moment i gotta get away from this
monotonous call the capital l loving every minute that im in it.


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